• Michel Sérié

    Founder InnoLifters Innovation GmbH

  • 20 Years of Experience around Innovation & Digital Transformation


    Michel Sérié is the founder of InnoLifters, a company that will help companies to integrate into their way to operate innovative capabilities, so they better face challenges in a world that expects customer adaptiveness.

    Michel is also Chairman of the Board of GenView (Swiss Technology Start-up) and engaged in a digital project with the Vatican.


    In his previous role as Global Head of Service Innovation at SAP, Michel’s team was responsible for finding, evaluating and establishing new ways of doing business by improving the Service concept.


    Michel started his career at SAP France in 1989 as a financial consultant. After working as a financial consultant and at Nestlé, he was part of the founding management team of an SAP-owned startup dealing with market places, B2B and Portals. This subsidiary eventually grew to more than 200 employees.

    Michel graduated with a Bachelor of Science (International Management) from the ESB Business School at the Reutlingen University after his combined studies in France and Germany.

    He was born in Paris and has lived in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France. He is based in Germany


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    GenView SA

    Chairman of the Board 

    Mar 2016 – 2018



    Jan 2016 – Present

    At InnoLifters, we help you foster your own fertile ground for innovation across key dimensions

    Radius 1 Consulting GmbH


    Mar 2016 – Present

    SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

    External Lecturer 

    Jun 2014 – 2017

    Design Thinking & Business Model Innovation



    Mannheim Area, Germany